Endowment Report as of May 2018

5/31/18 Endowment Fund Report


We are starting the new year off with a lot of red on the report but I'm sure we will do better in the coming months.  We had four Districts with 100% reporting. Please congratulate Districts 3, 6, 7, and 13 for having all Lodges reporting. Also thank those other Lodges in your Districts for fulfilling their obligations by sending in their Endowment contributions. 

Please contact the following Lodges and remind them that the money they collect for Endowment needs to be sent in at least once per month.

District 1: Aragonna Village Lodge 1198 (last report 4/30/18); South Norfolk Lodge 464 (last report 3/30/18)

District 2: Williamsburg Lodge 757 (last report 4/26/18)

District 4: Manassass Lodge 1380 (last report 3/21/18)

District 5: Leesburg Lodge 1041 (last report 4/18/18); Strasburg Lodge 403 (last report 4/13/18)

District 8: Hopewell Lodge 1472 (last report 4/30/18)

District 9: Sandston Lodge 1937 (last report 4/30/18)

District 10: Altavista Lodge 1433 (last report 4/26/18)

District 11: Roanoke Lodge 284 (last report 4/25/18)

District 12: Floyd Lodge 2300 (last report 4/30/18)

If any of these Lodges can prove they sent the money in and did not get proper credit they must have a cancelled check showing the correct earmark on the check and the date on which it was posted to the bank. They may then contact Moose Charities to receive credit.  Sometimes mistakes are made but are easily corrected by showing proper documentation. Earmarks on the checks themselves are very important when it comes to receiving credit and this needs to be stressed to the people writing the checks. I have seen instances where the earmark was on the stub and not on the check itself and proper credit was not received. Again stress the importance of the earmark on the check itself.

Thank you for all that you do for our fraternity!


Donald Ridenhour
VMA Moose Charities Chairman

"A burden heavy to one is bourne lightly by many"


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