Council of Higher Degrees

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We are always looking for new members to join our ranks. If you are a Moose Legionnaire, a new Fellow or Pilgrim honoree or a College of Regents, Academy of Friendship and Star Recorder degree holder we ask that you consider joining us. This unique setting where both men and women come together to plan and serve side by side for a common cause.
Northern Virginia Council of Higher Degrees

Board of Officers for 2016-2017


Ruthi Doan Pietras

Sharon Henry
Chaplain Jr. Past President
    Ann Jenkins
Event Schedule
Event Date Location

No Schedule Received    
Eastern Virginia Council of Higher Degrees

Board of Officers for 2018-2019


Connie Jacobs

Peck Seader
Chaplain Jr. Past President Sgt. of Arms
Gary Adams Theresa Bailey Judy Calaway Don Bailey
The Eastern Virginia Council of Higher Degrees formed on November 2012 and is open to all Degree holders. Dues are $10 per year or $100 for Life Membership. For more information about the Council of Higher Degrees, or if you would like to join, please see one of the Board of Officers of the Council, or your Lodge / Chapter Board of Officers or our Secretary/Treasurer, and we will make sure your receive the information and/or application.
Event Schedule
Event Date Location

Board of Officers 1:00 pm, General Meeting 2:00 pm followed by a meal. We will also be pulling the winning ticket for the Power Washer. Tickets are still available, see your Administrator, Governor or Senior Regent for tickets. The EVCHD would like to wish all Father's a very Happy Father's Day! June 17, 2018 Aragona Moose Family Center 1198
Board of Officers 1:00 pm, General Meeting 2:00 pm followed by a meal. watch the VMA website for the Location TBD. September 9, 2018 TBA
Workshop: The Lodge will be serving breakfast at 9AM, the workshop will begin at 10 AMm and the Officers will have a short meeting at 11 am.  Please plan to attend, we would like to hear from you on what you expect from us, what we can do to help you , and your ideas for keeping members in our fraternity.  This will be a informal workshop, not a formal meeting. April 22, 2018 Hampton Lodge 1514
Meeting: The officers meeting will begin at 1 pm, following by the General Meeting at 2 pm and a lunch to follow the General Meeting.  Our President Peck Deader is working on confirming the rest of out meetings for the year with lodges on both sides of the river.  Watch for updates May 19, 2018 Williamsburg Lodge 757
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