Virginia State Board
Past State Presidents
Virginia Moose Association Board of Officers for 2018 - 2019

The Virginia Moose Association's board of officers is a dedicated elected group that governs and supports the fraternity and lodges of Virginia. The board develops agendas, seeks volunteers for committees, coordinates with individual board member assignments, makes sure each committee has a chairperson, stays in touch with chairpersons to be sure that their work is carried out, carries out the fiduciary responsibilities of the association, and ensures that matters presented to the board are handled properly.
Position Name Contact Info
President Eddie Worth
(540) 793-4131
Jr Past President John Layman
(540) 421-9196
Vice President Ken Kennedy
(804) 245-6122
Prelate Glenn Sydnor
(804) 761-2330
Treasurer Terry Treadwell
(703) 943-7460
Secretary Robbie Robertson
(434) 607-5726
Sergeant at Arms Doug Thompson
(540) 239-0142
Asst. Sergeant at Arms Keith Williams
(804) 763-9392
Inner Guard Billy Snodgrass  
Outer Guard Scott Jachode  

Moose International Appointments for 2018 - 2019
Position   Name Contact Info

Deputy Supreme Governor   Artie Ransone
Deputy Supreme Governor   Terry Treadwell
Regional Manager   Larry Meade
(201) 704-3801
Territory Manager North East Virginia Mike Stumbaugh Sr (301) 331-6114
Territory Mgr.
North East Virginia
(Norther Neck Area)
Ed Rest
Callao Moose Lodge 917

(804) 450-9676

Territory Mgr.
North East Virginia
(Richmond Area)
Robert Lee
Manchester-Richmond #699
(434) 473-3324
Territory Mgr.
North East Virginia,
(Peninsula/Virginia Beach Area)
Territory Manager and Association Liaison Officer Eastern Virginia Troy King
(931) 494-3371
Territory Manager Western Virginia Chris Roberson
(304) 703-1991
Moose Legion Area Manager   Robert Maxey
(804) 222-5681
Moose Legion Ambassador Western Virginia Kelly Huffman
(540) 427-1599
Moose Legion Ambassador Eastern Virginia Robert A. Benjamin
(757) 483-9534
Moose Legion Ambassador Northern Virginia George Warrington
(703) 725-7377
Moose Intl Justice of the Supreme Forum Robbie Robertson 
Moose Intl Loss Prevention Committeeman Kenneth Emerson
Moose Intl Pilgrim Council-Pilgrim Governor Ross Fleet
Moose Intl Communications Committeeman Robert P Guest
Past Supreme Govenror Ed Moneypenny  
Past Supreme Governor Ross Fleet  
Past Supreme Governor Wes Crowder  
Virginia Moose Association Committee Lead Chairpersons for 2018 -2019

There is just so much one Moose member can do. The true life and blood of all Moose activities lie within our appointed committees, to keep a the Moose moving forward it takes the acts of many. We say this often, we are always looking for new members to join our ranks as a committee member. If you possess a special talent or just want to help, please contact the committee chairperson of your choice. Help the Moose and get involved today!

Position Name Contact Info

Activities Chairman Jim Jordan
(804) 691-2134
Association Training Coordinator Denise Clauson
(757) 761-3709
Audio / Visual Chairman Jim Puckett
(434) 841-7602
Audit Chairman Clark Crawley
(540) 397-3227
By-Laws & Resolutions Chairman Artie Ransone
(804) 436-6183
Convention Manager Ron Watkin
(540) 972-0082
Convention Manager -Asst Jim Ragland
(804) 432-9306
Credentials Chairman Jim Mills jimm138@comcast.netĀ 
(571) 283-2564
Credentials Bob Cleveland  
Credentials Jim Jordan  
Caps & Tips Chairman Bob Guest
Directory/Publications Ron Kitchen
(757) 719-8319
Elections Chairmen John Layman
(540) 421-9196
Executive Administrator Paula Green
(540) 583-5401
Government Relations Chairman Wes Crowder
(540) 586-1656
Heart of the Commnity Chairman Dwayne Whited
(540) 631-4151
Hospitality Chairman Robert Lee
(434) 473-3324
Loss Prevention Ken Emmerson
(804) 314-7277
Massey Cancer Center Chairman Jarold Langley
(804) 731-2141
Membership Artie Ransone
(804) 436-6183
Merchandise Sales Chairman Jerry Lloyd
(804) 472-2450
Moosehaven Admissions Dennis Harlow
(804) 366-7635
Mooseheart Admissions Jim Cridlin
(804) 814-1334
Moose Charities Chairman Don Ridenhour
(540) 353-4645
Photographer Don Ridenhour
(540) 353-4645
Pilgrim Secretary Robbie Robertson
(434) 607-5726
Publications David St.John
(434) 942-2356
Raffle Chairman Ed Rest
(804) 450-9676
Safe Surfin' Foundation Chairman Winfred Campbell
(434) 525-4258
Signs Ray Wright - work - personal
office: (757) 566-8329
cell (757) 342-5966
Special Olympics Chairman Andy Dooley
(540) 330-9635
Tommy Moose Coordinator Dennis Harlow
Virginia House Chairman Peck Seader
(757) 408-6168
Website Publications Steve Speaks
(614) 475-3571
Youth Awareness Coordinator Mannuel B. Propst
(540) 234-0316
Virginia Moose Association Past Presidents

VMA Past Presidents Recognized at the 2015 VMA Mid-Year Conference in Norfolk VA. Saturday, January 24th, 2015
Each year we elect a new President of the Virginia Moose Association. After a year of hard work, the president steps down. Below is a list of honored past presidents, we want to thank them for their efforts during there year of service.
Name Year Served Email Address

John Layman Past President - 2017-2018 jnlaymanfamily@gmail.comĀ 
Artie Ransone Past President - 2016-2017
Jim Cridlin Past President - 2015-2016
Rodger Huffman Past President - 2014-2015
Donnie Maddox Past President - 2014-2015 Honorary
Mike Arrington Past President - 2013-2014
Bob Blankenship Past President - 2012-2013
Andy Dooley Past President - 2011-2012
Gene Sine Past President - 2010-2011
Edward Ron Watkin Past President - 2010-2011 Honorary
Rusty Byrd Past President - 2009-2010
Ken Emerson Past President - 2008-2009
Ivan Nester Past President - 2007-2008
Ron Downey Past President - 2006
Ike Burlingame Past President - 2005
Ray Richards Past President - 2005 Honorary
Jarold Langley Past President - 2004
Robbie Robertson Past President - 2003
Tony Wallace Past President - 2002
Leo Kennedy Past President - 2002 Honorary  
Wallace McLamb Past President - 2001  
Billy Powers Past President - 2000  
Calvin Greene Past President - 1999-2000
Ralph Boyd Past President - 1999 Honorary  
Wayne Robinson Past President - 1998  
Lacy Smith Past President - 1998 Honorary  
Jim Zimmerman Past President - 1997  
Roy D. Groome Past President - 1996  
James P. Davis Past President - 1996 Honorary  
Russell Talley Past President - 1996 Honorary  
Bruce M. Hensley Past President - 1995  
Vernie Brill Past President - 1995 Honorary  
Dickie Crews Past President - 1995 Honorary  
George R. Oder Past President - 1995 Honorary  
Mateer Grove Past President - 1994  
Donald H. Ross Past President - 1994  Honorary  
Melvin Wilcher Past President - 1994 Honorary  
Russ Wittig Past President - 1994 Honorary  
Robert Maxey Past President - 1993
Earl Culbertson Past President - 1993 Honorary  
P. Dudley "Doug" Vernon Past President - 1993 Honorary  
Albert Street Past President - 1992  
Red Blount Past President - 1992 Honorary  
Kenny Smith Past President - 1991  
Buddy Robinson Past President - 1990  
Harold F. Madagan, Jr. Past President - 1989  
Donald P. Coffelt Past President - 1988  
Bill Peace Past President - 1988 Honorary  
Robert W. Gwaltney Past President - 1987  
Randall J. Proffitt Past President - 1987 Honorary  
Ed Moneypenny Past President - 1986  
Curtis McCormick Past President - 1985 Honorary  
Hurbert F. Sage Past President - 1984  
W. Laird Wikel Past President - 1983  
William A. Dupree Past President - 1983 Honorary  
Daniel T. Corcoran Past President - 1982  
Sam H. Mellichampe Past President - 1982 Honorary  
Peck Seader Past President - 1981  
William C. Ponzo Past President - 1981 Honorary  
Edgar E. Rochelle Past President - 1980  
Wesley Crowder Past President - 1979  
Albert G. Bresch Past President - 1978  
Sanford A. Forehand Past President - 1977  
Robert B. Hurt Past President - 1976  
Robert E. Bibb Past President - 1976 Honorary  
Ernest Kurtz Past President - 1976 Honorary  
John W. Ferrell Jr. Past President - 1975  
Robert H. Peters Past President - 1975 Honorary  
Maynard Sites Past President - 1974  
Homer D. Kinsey Past President - 1973  
Karnel Mesalam Past President - 1973 Honorary  
Sonny Clay Past President - 1972,  
Ross Fleet Past President - 1971  
Albert I. Gibson Past President - 1970  
James R. Gibson Past President - 1970  
Fred V. Huffman Past President 1968  
Charles A. Mason Past President 1967  
Charles E. Myers Past President 1967 Honorary  
Harry Hurd Past President 1966  
Dr. W. T. Wilson Past President 1965  
James M. Tompkins Past President 1964  
Cecil E. Leathers Past President 1963  
James T. Freeze Past President 1962  
Charlie Brice Past President - 1962 Honorary  
George H. Skirven Past President 1961  
Paul P. Schmitz Past President 1961 Honorary  
John L. Parker Past President 1960  
E. B. Brantley Past President 1959  
William F. Dee Past President 1958  
R. P. Cottingham Past President 1957  
Richard S. White Past President 1956  
Herbert W. Heilman Past President 1956 Honorary  
Lewis E. Burke Past President 1955  
Arnold Freeman Past President 1954  
Jack G. Bess Past President 1953  
John M. Beale Past President 1952  
Felix Edmonds Past President 1951  
Jerome C. Stone Past President 1950  
S. R. Lexington Past President 1949  
H. D. Overstreet Past President 1948  
J. D. Fritzinger Past President 1947  
Cecil D. Webster Past President 1946  
J. C. Burkholder Past President 1945  
H. G. Wingfield Past President 1944  
H. G. Wingfield Past President 1943  
Harry Robinson Past President 1942  
Stuart Wheatley Past President 1941  
E. N. Graham Past President 1940  
Dr. R. C. Bowie Past President 1939  
P. E. Abiouness Past President 1938  
Ivor Jones Sr. Past President 1937  
Walter Radford Past President 1936  
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