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Williamsburg Moose Lodge 757, located in southeastern Virginia, celebrated the holiday season with their annual Adult Christmas Party on December 15, 2017. In keeping with tradition, in exchange for a night of plentiful food, beverages, karaoke, and gifts of Moose coffee mugs, the lone request was that members and their guests donate specifically to the Mooseheart Endowment Fund.

A donation bucket was placed alongside the chair of Santa (LOOM 757 Brother Barry Miller), Mrs. Claus (WOTM 1755 Co-Worker Barbara Waterman) and the New Year Baby (Governor Ron Steele) as smiling adults, men and women alike, made monetary donations in exchange for a photo op with all or any of the three! Past Governor Alan Miller served as honorary Elf of Ceremonies throughout the festivities. Administrator Joe Roney and Social Quarters Manager Lindsey Vance kept the funds on the upward flow by visiting the Grinch clientele that refused to sit on Santa's lap, to solicit additional contributions! Thanks to the generous Christmas spirit of Moose members, the lodge collected $1,097 during the successful night.

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