Congratulations Brothers and Sisters !!!!!

We did it! We have broken the $500,000.00 mark on the Moosehaven Centennial Project in record time!

In just 20 months we have collected $517,948.63 from the Lodges, Districts, Individuals, Chapters, and Moose Legions in our state! These numbers may change a little as more money is recorded or some is moved from the VMA total to the WOTM project but for all intents and purposes we have met our goal. Please thank everyone who has given to this project, especially those who went above and beyond! Also remind them that if they wish to contribute more it will be more than welcomed!! I have been in contact with Jan Fregulia of Moose Charities and there is still an overall shortfall in collections from Fraternal Units. She asks that we continue to give what we can to help complete this project for our seniors at Moosehaven.

Therefore, I call upon all of you to continue to give what you can so that we may show the fraternity that Virginia is indeed the TOP ASSOCIATION when it comes to taking care of our seniors!


Sincerely, Donald Ridenhour
VMA Moose Charities Chairman


We are just days away from the Virginia Moose Convention in Norfolk, Virginia. And, I have some great news! We have collected $489,221.65 of our $500,000.00 goal! This is truly amazing. When our association took on this goal (a three year project), we had no idea we would be so close this soon into the project. We are just 20 months into this and we have collected 97.84% of the goal. We are just $11,000 dollars away! Please get the word out and let’s try to get the remaining before the convention starting in just 11 days!

Many thanks to everyone that has really taken this project to heart! Brothers, we are so close we can almost taste it!

picture of Moosehaven buildingBrothers,

We move closer to our goal every day! We now have collected $466,788.19 or 93.36% of our $500,000 goal.  We have 24 Lodges that have given at least 100% of what we asked for with Woodbridge 583 leading the way by giving over 427% of what was asked of them! We have another 7 Lodges that have given over 66% or two years’ worth and another 27 who have given at least one year's worth for this worthy cause. This is outstanding work by all of you in getting this far in just 18 months of a three-year project! Be sure to thank all of those who have contributed thus far!

So, let's keep the momentum going and with a little coaxing we may be able to get this project done by August Convention time" and get me fired!  Attached you will find an updated list of what has been collected on behalf of the state. The WOTM and Moose Legion have not been updated. There is also an "Honor Roll" showing how every Lodge has given ranked by percentage of what was asked of them. Please try to work on those near the bottom and see if they might give just a little more to see this project completed.

Thank you for all that you do for our great fraternity!

My brothers,

We get closer to fulfilling our obligations every day. I am proud to report that thanks to your efforts we are at 89.26% of our goal with over $446K collected so far! Let's keep the momentum going and get this thing done so you can fire me as chairman of this project when we meet in Norfolk at the state convention. We have 21 Lodges that have met or exceeded our three year request for donations. We have 8 more who have met at least two years and another 29 who have given at least one year's worth. We are very close to reaching our goal and since generating this report I have been informed that at least three others have made contributions that have not yet been recorded!

As a whole the men. women, and Moose Legions of Virginia have contributed nearly $500K to this project. The Women of the Moose have a $2M goal of their own along with the Loyal Order of Moose $10M goal. The Moose Legion also has a goal of their own. Together our Virginia men and women once again prove their leadership in the Order by giving of their substance to care for our children and seniors. Working together is the secret of success in any organization and we have proven time and again that Virginians can do it better than anyone! Thank you for your efforts and please keep up the good work!!

I have attached the total report along with an "Honor Roll" of Lodges. Thanks those that have done their part and let's prod those who may need a little push to get going on theirs!  Let's get this thing done so we can start saving for the next project (you know there will be one!!) Thanks again for everything you do for our great organization!


We are creeping closer to our $500,000.00 goal! To date we have collected $370,063.25 (74.01%) for this project. This figure includes contributions from Lodges, Districts, Individuals, and the VMA. All together if we include Chapters and Moose Legions, which do not count toward our $500K goal, the members of Virginia have contributed $393,696.15 to the construction of the new building project at Moosehaven. I have attached a spreadsheet showing what has been given to date and an "Honor Roll" of Lodges contributions.

We have 17 Lodges that have met their full three years, 7 that have met 2 years, and 29 that have met at least 1 year. Sadly we still have 9 Lodges that have yet to give anything to this important project. Please thank the ones that have given and try to help those who have not find a way to raise at least a little for this worthy project.

We are very close to completion of this project so please keep talking about it to your Lodges and let's try to have it completed by the Mid-year Conference in January if not before. If we all work together there is no reason we cannot make this happen! I have faith in all of you we can get this done and get me fired! Andy Dooley said he has a banner for me when the time comes!!

Thank you for all that you do for our fraternity!


Attached you will find the latest report on the Centennial Project. They broke ground at Moosehaven for this project on Sunday March 5th at Moosehaven! The Virginia Moose Association is well on it's way to completing their $500K part of this project with over $ 351,168.52 (70.23%) collected thus far! All together  the Virginia Lodges, Chapters, Moose Legions, Districts, and individuals have contributed over $372,000.00 to this project.

Please thank everyone who has contributed, especially those who have completed their three year total to date on this project. We still have some lodges who have given very little so I would ask you to please help these lodges find a way to at least contribute something. Remember these numbers only go through February 28 and some have given since then, notably Appomattox 975 just sent a check for their $2,835.00 three year total and I'm sure there are others who have given.

I have also attached an Honor Roll showing who has met their various suggested obligations. I want to especially thank those who have vastly exceeded the requests we made with Woodbridge 583 leading at a whopping 427%!! We have 16 Lodges over 100%, 6 Lodges over 66%, and 28 Lodges over 33%. Sadly there are still 11 who have been unable to give anything. Let's see if we can find a way to help them raise a little to contribute!

Brothers thank you for all that you do and let's try to get this project done ahead of schedule by the next Mid-year Conference in January 2018. If we all work together there is no doubt in my mind that we can get it done!

I want to personally thank each lodge, chapter, districts, legions, and mostly individual donors for helping with your generosity and help.  The state of Virginia is doing great with its donations to help the Moosehaven Centennial Project.  I want to thank everyone that has met their first year, second year, and some that have even exceeded into their third-year donations.  Attached are the latest donation documents for December.  Again, Thanks!

Moosehaven Centennial Project

$ 500,000
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donation thermometer
$ 517,948.63
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