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We’re really proud of our awards. The Premiere Lodge Award is not easily attained. There are lots of requirements to achieve to attain this prestigious award. An award like this is a tribute to our amazing Lodge teams and their dedication to making sure every member has a great time at each lodge. Best of all, these awards prove that we have the best Lodges in this fraternity. So, please congratulate the following lodges for their hard work this last year!

Suffolk VA Lodge 141
Tazewell County VA Lodge 198
Wytheville VA Lodge 394
Strasburg VA Lodge 403
South Norfolk VA Lodge 464
Woodstock VA Lodge 575
Woodbridge VA Lodge 583
Covington VA Lodge 610
Manchester Richmond VA Lodge 699
Williamsburg VA Lodge 757
Front Royal VA Lodge 829
Portsmouth VA Lodge 898
Callao VA Lodge 917
Appomattox VA Lodge 975
Rocky Mount VA Lodge 1053
Franconia VA Lodge 1076
Vinton VA Lodge 1121
Winchester VA Lodge 1283
Waynesboro VA Lodge 1309
Arlington VA Lodge 1315
Pearisburg VA Lodge 1338
Hopewell VA Lodge 1472
Staunton VA Lodge 1635
Fredericksburg VA Lodge 1655
Lynchburg South VA Lodge 1727
Bedford VA Lodge 1897
Sandston VA Lodge 1937
Richmond - East VA Lodge 1947
Chesterfield VA Lodge 1980
Dinwiddie VA Lodge 1993
Ashland VA Lodge 2099
Tappahannock - Warsaw VA Lodge 2133
Berryville VA Lodge 2139
Dale City VA Lodge 2165
Verona VA Lodge 2172
Buchanan VA Lodge 2182
Floyd VA Lodge 2300
Timberville VA Lodge 2335
Smith Mountain Lake VA Lodge 2346
Lancaster County VA Lodge 2527
Salem VA Lodge 2573

A lodge Governor is always a contentious position. You are the leader of an important Lodge. Your words can make or break your Lodge. Your job is to make the best fiduciary decisions for those you watch over. The Virginia Moose Association wants to thank you for volunteering your time and effort in this endeavor we call the Moose. This honor could not be bestowed unless your Lodge worked really hard this prior year. Your lodge achieved the Premier Lodge award with many trying times because of your hard work. We call on all Virginia Moose members to give a warm thank you to our latest award-winning Lodge Governors for 2016-2017. Your continued volunteering makes our lodges and fraternity great!

Governor Lodge
Gregory V. Cady Arlington VA Lodge 1315
Kenneth D. Richmond Ashland VA Lodge 2099
Ronnie Dodge Berryville VA Lodge 2139
Gerald Balderson Callao VA Lodge 917
Wakefield H. Foster Chesterfield VA Lodge 1980
Bill Baker Dale City VA Lodge 2165
Earl F. Burgess Sr. Dinwiddie VA Lodge 1993
Joe Poole Franconia VA Lodge 1076
Larry Manilous Mastin Fredericksburg VA Lodge 1655
Raymond S. Jenkins III Front Royal VA Lodge 829
Glenn A. Sydnor Lancaster County VA Lodge 2527
Michael J. Stone Manchester Richmond VA Lodge 699
William F. Foley Portsmouth VA Lodge 898
Richard L. Harshman Richmond - East VA Lodge 1947
Donald L. Riddle Jr. Rocky Mount VA Lodge 1053
Robert Bateman Sandston VA Lodge 1937
Gregory A. Orndorff Strasburg VA Lodge 403
W. Carroll Hobbs Suffolk VA Lodge 141
Alan Davenport Verona VA Lodge 2172
Jeff Rohrbaugh Waynesboro VA Lodge 1309
Alan Miller Williamsburg VA Lodge 757
George R. Caylor Winchester VA Lodge 1283

Lodge Administrators have a hard job.  They try to keep members happy while still being the one that pays the bills, orders supplies, sets employee schedules, takes minuets during meetings and more.  The Virginia Moose Association wants to congratulate all the Lodge Administrators that won recognition in this year’s Moose International Lodge Administrator awards.  The honor of this award goes beyond just the Lodge Administrator.  It is predicated on the award of the Premier Lodge award with its own hurdles.  So, without further stalling, please give a warm thank you to our latest award-winning Lodge Administrators for 2016 – 2017.  And, thanks for all you do every day for our lodges!

Administrator Lodge
Edward Rest Callao VA Lodge 917
Ronnie L. Bennett Chesterfield VA Lodge 1980
Leslie Lawson Covington VA Lodge 610
Robert A. Agnew Sr. Dale City VA Lodge 2165
Joe Vancil Dinwiddie VA Lodge 1993
Benjamin F. Kern Franconia VA Lodge 1076
Robert P. Guest Fredericksburg VA Lodge 1655
Charles B. Auterback Front Royal VA Lodge 829
Artie M. Ransone Lancaster County VA Lodge 2527
Robert E. Lee Jr. Manchester Richmond VA Lodge 699
Robert L. Knight Portsmouth VA Lodge 898
Robert L. Blankenship Richmond - East VA Lodge 1947
Jerry E. Gwaltney Sandston VA Lodge 1937
Phillip Georganzis Staunton VA Lodge 1635
Jesse E. Byrum Suffolk VA Lodge 141
Keith K. Carpenter Tappahannock - Warsaw VA Lodge 2133
Gary W. Carnahan Timberville VA Lodge 2335
Guy W. Landrum III Verona VA Lodge 2172
Ernest G. Rea Waynesboro VA Lodge 1309
Joe Roney Williamsburg VA Lodge 757
Lawrence E. Sullivan Winchester VA Lodge 1283
Kenneth R. Head Woodbridge VA Lodge 583
Daniel D. Biertzer Wytheville VA Lodge 394

Greetings Brothers;

Hello. My name is Tim Gowdey, and I am the new Chairman of the Ritual Judging Committee. I am honoured and humbled by this appointment. When I think of the many excellent ritualists and dedicated fraternalists who have held this position in the past, I know I have some mighty big shoes to fill. But I also know that I will have a lot of help from my fellow International Ritual Judges, and I hope, from you, the "Fraternity within the Fraternity"—the Ritualists.

How can you help us?

In the weeks and months leading up to the 2018 International Convention in New Orleans next July, and the Moose Legion Conference in October of 2018, it is up to all of us to prove to the rest of the Order that;

  1. Ritual never went away.
  2. A proper enrollment ceremony is one of the best ways to welcome new members into the Moose family, and tell them a bit of what we’re all about.
  3. A competition ready Ritual Staff, who know the parts and floor movements by heart will be able to not only enlighten new members but will do so in a friendly, impressive, and memorable manner.
  4. Ritual Competition is one of the best ways for a ritual team to get ready to effectively deliver their all important message.
  5. One of our biggest secrets—we have fun doing it!

We all know the benefits of having a healthy and vital ritual program. It is up to us to encourage all Ritualists, the former ones, the current ones, the new ones, and especially the potential ones, that their time and efforts are appreciated and will not be wasted.

I am going to thank you in advance, because I know that Moose Ritualists are some of the most ardent fraternalists we have. Take a look at the leaders at every level of the Loyal Order of Moose. From your local Lodge, through the district, the Association, the Moose Legion and all the way to the Supreme Council, you’ll find Ritualists. They might not be on a team right now, but with a little coaxing, who knows?

I do know that you, my Brothers, believe too strongly in our program to let it wither and die on the vine.

Thanks, Tim

Ps: As we are gaining new Ritualists and getting new staffs ready to compete, we will need new members of the International Ritual Judging Committee. If you are interested in a place on the committee, please contact Bob Neff. Remember, you will have to attend a school and qualify, and we will be setting up that school at a time and location to be determined in the near future, depending on interest and other logistical considerations. Once more PLEASE, push the ritual program, both Lodge and Moose Legion, and thank you.

Many aviators have been at 2000 ft. AGL (above ground level) taking a peek at the ground watching the vehicles that look like matchbox cars go about their daily routine.  Sometimes it is a good thing to stand back and look at what we have been doing.  We need to analyze if our promotions and programs to see if they have brought about their intended outcomes.

Our International Moose Legion membership numbers were off by just 204 at Convention from April 30th which is not terrible, but still in the wrong direction from our intended growth in active membership.  Even with the slight decrease in active members our donations to the Endowment Fund were up from previous years.  This means our members are more determined to help build the Fund and get the job done. Our guys always step up to the plate and we are all proud of what we do.

Co Pilot Tommy is going on his first flight and is looking for the members of the Moose Legion to help by getting behind the President’s Project to fund the Camp Ross bunkhouse siding project.  The bunkhouse also needs windows and doors and as any contractor knows, doors and windows need to be installed immediately after the old siding comes off and before the new siding goes on.

The siding project has a price tag of about $30,000.  The windows and doors add another $15,000.  Hopefully the other incidental damage from the water damage over the years doesn’t get too devastating.  As is often said “A burden heave to one is borne lightly by many”.  With 54,000+/- members it is less than $1 each to get this project finished and the rest of our Camp shining again.

I would like to invite all Moose, Women of the Moose and Moose Legion members to visit our camp and see what you have been doing over the past few years.  Without your support many of the buildings would be in very sad condition.

It had been 25 years since the last major renovation and only critical repair had been done.  Now the original section of the camp is a very nice relaxing environment for kids, staff and members.  The new playground is assembled and the kids love it.  It is a great addition to the overall feel of the facility.  Thanks to the Moose Legionnaires in CA and FL for this great bonding tool.

We are looking at a brave new year with some of the same hurdles and some new ones.  But we shall go “Above and Beyond” our expectations always looking out in front, around to the sides and where we‘ve been to see what we have to overcome to make our Fraternity the best it can be.

International Moose Legion President, Mike Hauf

District 9 has just updated us with its next meeting will be on Sunday, October 8, 2017, at the Caroline County Moose Lodge #2610. We invite all members of the district to come see what District 9 does for our lodges. The officers meeting starts at 11:30 am with the General Membership meeting starting at Noon.

We look forward to seeing everyone for a productive meeting.

District 8 announces that its next meeting will be on Saturday, September 23, 2017, at the Hopewell Moose Lodge.  We invite all members of the district to attend.  The officers meeting starts at noon with the General Membership meeting starting at 1:00 pm. 

We look forward to seeing everyone for a productive meeting.

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