This page is a place to find information for District 6. If you are looking for information on meetings, coordinated efforts, and Heart of the Community reports this is your place. If you are looking for district sponsored Moose International Karaoke events, Community Volunteering, and fun sponsored events, please visit our "Inside Virginia – The Herd Blog area"!

Welcome to the Virginia Moose District #6

The Virginia Moose Association's District #6 is a collection of nine area Moose lodges. If you are interested in finding out more about what District 6 does, please contact a member in your lodge today!

Board of Officers

Virginia Moose District #6 Board of Officers for 2016 - 2017
Position Name
President Christopher ( Chris ) Lloyd
( 540 ) 241 - 0248
Vice President Edwin Judd
Luray Moose Lodge #1413
Prelate Manny Propst
Timberville Moose #2335
Secretary Lanny Carrier
(540) 434-8691
(c) (540) 746-1320
Past President John Gentry
Louisa Moose Lodge #2065
Sargent at Arms Bob Karicofe
Verona Moose Lodge #2172
Inner Guard Unreported
Committee Chairpersons
Membership / Retention Kevin Wasilewski
Government Relations Chris Lloyd
Activities Unreported
Moose Charities Lanny Carrier
Youth Awareness Manny Propst
District Publications Unreported
Endowment Lanny Carrier
LCL / Training Unreported

Participating Lodges

District #6 Member Lodges
Waynesboro Moose Family Center #1309
481 Hopeman Pkwy
Waynesboro VA. 22980
Chapter #1235
P.O. Box 1684
Waynesboro VA. 22980
2016 - 2017
Admin: Ernest "Frog" Rea
Governor: Jeff Rohrbaugh
(540) 942-4506
Sr. Regent: Dianne Patterson
Recorder: Debbie Akers
Luray #1413
257 Dry Run Rd
Luray VA. 22835
Chapter #1647
P.O. Box 601
Luray VA. 22835
2016 - 2017
Admini.: John McCauley
Governor: Allen Moyers
(540) 743-7011
Sr. Regent: Deborah Turner
Recorder: Irene Sommers
Staunton Moose Family Center #1635
139 Cedar Green Rd
Staunton VA. 24401
Chapter #1439
P.O. Box 2564
Staunton VA. 24401
2016 - 2017
Admin: Phil Georganzis
Governor: Ron Snyder
(540) 886-8248
Sr. Regent: Unreported
Recorder: Patricia Johnson
Louisa #2065
349 School Bus Road
Louisa VA. 23093
Chapter #1850
P.O. Box 862
Louisa VA. 23093
2016 - 2017
Admin: John Gentry
Governor: John Sprouse
(540) 967-1811
Sr. Regent: Lacey Lamonica
Recorder: Katherine Ladd
Blue Ridge #2135
6363 N. Lee Hwy
Fairfield VA. 24435
2016 - 2017
Admin: Roy Swisher
(540) 377-9245
Verona Moose Family Center #2172
1510 Commerce Rd.
Staunton, VA. 24401
Chapter #2225
P.O. Box 46
Verona VA. 24482
2016 - 2017
Admin: Billy Landrum III
Governor: Alan Davenport
(540) 248-5117
Sr. Regent: Tonia Mattingley
Recorder: Unreported
Shenandoah #2176
Hwy 340 South
Shenandoah VA. 22849
2016 - 2017
Admin: Ronald Herring
Governor: Robert Davis
(540) 652-8082
Timberville #2335
384 S Main St
Timberville VA. 22853
Chapter #2022
P.O. Box 321
Timberville VA. 22853
2016 - 2017
Admin: Gary Carnahan
Governor: Paul Long
(540) 896-9415
Sr. Regent: Teresa Long
Recorder: Judie Carnahan

If materials on this page are not shown or are out of date, please contact the District 6 Secretary to have him provide updated materials to the Virginia Moose website. Please see the Contact Us page for directions on how to contact the Virginia Moose Association.

The Moose has different districts all over the state of Virginia. These districts help in the everyday running and distribution of great ideas for our fraternity. We invite all members that wish to contribute more to our fraternity to attend our next district meeting! Below you will find information on District 6 meetings. We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.

District #6 Meeting Schedule
Date Location/Info
Saturday, October 15th, 2016 Verona Moose Lodge
Saturday, January 14th, 2017 Waynesboro Moose Lodge
Saturday, April 15th, 2017 TBD
Saturday, July 15th, 2017 Staunton Moose Lodge

All officers meetings start at 10:00 am with the General membership meeting starting at 11:00 am.

Upcoming Events

VMA Convention
VMA Convention
VMA Convention
VMA Convention
09/09/2017 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
District #8 Meeting at Colonial Heights
09/11/2017 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
ODML Meeting at Richmond East

Moose Membership Application

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