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Well, we are already beginning month #2 of the 2017-2018 chapter year!  The days are just flying by now!!

If you have not yet, you will be  receiving your 1st DROPPED and EXPIRED lists-Recorder’s, be sure to share this info with coworkers, so that they can help to make calls, visits, or send reminder notes out to coworkers in arrears.  Be mindful of the advice given by College of Regents President, Peggy Shinn, to treat this and every month, as if it is April…and when that date comes up on our calendars, our membership numbers will be looking great.  Membership, Membership, Membership, should be something we are all working diligently on all year.  There are so many people in our communities, workplaces, and families who would love to join such an amazing fraternal organization as our MOOSE FRATERNITY, if only someone took the time to share with them who we are, and all of the great things we do! Do you remember the obligation we each signed on the application we submitted to be voted on for membership? “I promise to fulfill my two primary obligations of 1) increasing the strength of the order by proposing for membership qualified individuals of high personal character, and 2) giving of my energy and substance in support of Mooseheart and Moosehaven” are two of the promises we each made…so let’s keep true to our commitment, and invite others into our Order.

Chairmen…hopefully you have already met with the members on your committees, and are writing up those fundraising proposals so that you can begin planning successful fundraising projects this chapter year that will be “off the charts!!!”  Let’s beat ALL records for membership and donations this chapter year, just because, “we know we can, coworkers”!

I truly hope our chapter meetings and activities are filled with kindness and compassion.  Remember coworkers, kindness can be something as simple as a smile or an invitation to join a group in a social time after our meeting or at a chapter/lodge events.  Being kind is contagious, and a coworker who is a recipient of your kindness, is more apt to be kind to others!  ALWAYS make your coworkers feel needed and wanted while visiting your Moose home, and they will want to frequent events and activities and also invite their friends and families.  Of course, we are all different, but different does not mean that any of us are any better or any more important than anyone else…we all have something unique and beneficial to bring to our chapter meetings, fundraising and community service projects and we all have interesting, innovative ideas on how to grow our membership and bank accounts.  Be fair to everyone, and listen.  We are all working for the same end result…the continued support and safety for our children at Mooseheart and senior members at Moosehaven.  If we do not learn to treat others with kindness and generosity, we are missing out on the opportunity to make our Moose world and our world in general, a better place!!  Performing acts of kindness for strangers, as well as each other, helps build cooperation, trust, and a sense of safety among us.  It also helps us to see others more positively, and to understand some of the obstacles in our daily lives.  Perhaps we could start a “Moose Kindness” day each week, inviting coworkers and brothers to participate volunteering in our communities, maybe at a local museum, library, or hospital.  Or maybe we could donate our time for a cleanup day at a local park, beach or on stretch of highway, or serve a meal at a local “Table of Plenty” for the homeless and others in need.  The ideas are endless, and being kind truly does come back to each of us even if it is only the good feeling it brings to our hearts, and the smiles to our faces knowing we have made the difference in the lives of others!

So…this is my last message and I would be remiss if I did not reach out to each of you with hugs, and shout “THANK YOU” for all of your “random acts of kindness” Facebook posts, support, thank yous, love, hugs and thoughtfulness, but mostly for your dedication, commitment and tireless energy and support for chapters, lodges, communities, and for our children at Mooseheart, and senior members at Moosehaven. For opening up your minds, hearts, and pockets whenever called upon.  And, for all of the love and hospitality extended to James and me this year on each of our Moose journeys.  It has been an amazing year, and we are so humbled and blessed to be a part of our wonderful Moose Fraternity. God Bless our great Fraternity and God Bless each of you!   See you in Tampa!

Hugs, hugs, and more hugs!!!


Applications for the Virginia Women of the Moose Lifetime Achievement Awards are now being accepted.  Do you know of someone deserving of recognition?  Now is the time to speak up!  Please complete the application as soon as possible so the award can be given for the August Convention in Norfolk Virginia!  The deadline to send in your applications is August 18, 2017!  For more information, please click on the form below.  We look forward to seeing you at the convention!

This is to inform you that the Shining Star Awards will be presented during the Saturday Night Banquet at the Annual State Conference in August 2017, in Norfolk, Virginia.

The Shining Star program was organized by the Virginia Moose Association (VMA) to honor outstanding co-workers for their achievements and accomplishments.  It is a wonderful way to honor co-workers for their hard work during the Chapter year and we would like to see all Virginia Chapters participate.  I am sure you can select someone in your chapter that is worthy of this honor.  The top three nominees from each category will be selected from the resumes submitted.  The winners will be announced at the banquet.  Please try to have your nominee present to receive the award if chosen.

  • Co-worker of the Year
  • Academy of Friendship Member of the Year
  • Collegian of the Year
  • Star Recorder of the Year
  • Chapter of the Year (include a resume which list the accomplishments of your Chapter and why the Chapter should be considered for this honor)

Senior Regent:  Please call a special meeting of the Board of Officers and your Past Regents to select one nominee for each category listed above.  After the meeting, please write a resume of 1,000 words or less for each nominee and forward it to Donna Smith, PDGR, at the address above no later than June 27, 2017.  Please remember the nominee’s name, address, chapter name or location should not be used in any way in the resume.

The Shining Star Committee this year is composed of Cynthia Putnam DGR, Pat Maxey PGCM, Donna Smith PDGR, Fran Wade PDGR, Denise Clausen PDGR.  You may contact any member of the Committee if you have any questions.


Cynthia, Pat, Donna, Fran and Denise

Ok…enough winter, already!  Mother Nature has been wreaking havoc in many of our states, and its only February…brrrrr! I will say, I have been earning many extra “activity points” as a result of all of the exercise shoveling snow!  Daylight is beginning to get a little longer and the sun seems a little warmer, and there is hope that the groundhog will see his shadow, or not…however that goes, soon we will all be enjoying our “outside” activities so get all of your inside projects done!

How are your nominating/elections processes going?  Hopefully by now, your nominating meetings are in full swing, and the coworkers of your chapters are stepping up to the plate, to run for an office.  Don’t forget to reach out to your session leader or CAC for any questions or problems that might arise!

If you have not begun working on your “DROPPED” and “EXPIRED” List, time is running out.  Remember, treat EVERY month as if it were APRIL….it will be here before you know it.  Membership seems to always be the toughest task on the list of qualifications for our chapters to earn their AWARD OF ACHIEVEMENT.  Don’t get caught short, make those calls!!!  This is also a great time for inviting friends, relatives, and folks we work with to join our chapters and lodges.  Reach out to active military and first responders, and introduce them to our program.  Call and find out when police and fire department weekly/monthly meetings are, and ask to do a short presentation.  Remember to bring lots of brochures, “WHO ARE THE WOMEN OF THE MOOSE”, “HEARD OF MOOSE”. “MOOSE BENEFITS” brochures, and even a calendar of events for your lodge/chapter.  From now until April 30th Moose International is waiving all fees and dues, for new or re-enrolled members, and it would be great if we could all waive our chapter/lodge dues also, making membership ‘free’ for these folks for the their first year.  Once they see all of the great things all of you are doing for your communities and for Mooseheart and Moosehaven, they will want to keep their membership active, forever!  These are the folks in our community that are already helping out and giving of themselves each and every day…our program will fit in with their commitment to “helping out”, and “giving back”.

I realize that St. Louis seems like forever ago, and some of you may have forgotten my request to “Raise the Roof” with “RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS”, but I am still asking coworkers to perform these “acts”, often, and email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) me those wonderful, kind things you are doing, so that we can fill and raise that roof in Tampa!!!!  Keep them coming right up to May 1st!

Mid-year conferences are in full swing, and I am looking forward to meeting many of you on my “conference trail” these next two months. Congratulations to ALL of our new “FRIENDS” being conferred. Hopefully we will have record attendance in every association, as I know there are many fun, and educational presentations/workshops being planned.  So don’t miss them!

Be sure to visit the website to register for International Convention in Tampa, and to secure your room reservations. Congratulations College of Regent and Star Recorder Matriculates who have received call cards.  It is great to see your exciting posts on Facebook!!  See you in Tampa in June-July!

Until next time….BE KIND, ALWAYS!

Judy Davis, Grand Regent

Franconia Chapter 1042 cordially invites you to attend the Green Cap ceremony honoring Junior Graduate Regent Estelle Miller on Saturday, January 7, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. The ceremony will take place in the social hall at the Franconia Moose Family Center, 7701 Beulah Road, Alexandria, VA 22315. 

Guest speaker will be Past Grand Council Member Harriet Mohr with a reception to follow. Regalia is requested.

Please RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Clifton Forge Chapter #22 held its Green Cap Chapter meeting on Saturday, December 10, at 2:00 pm.  There were five chapter Collegians in attendance and Past Grand Council member and Past Deputy Grand Regent Harriet Mohr was Guest speaker and her husband Ron was a special guest.  Green Cap Amy Angle served as chairman.  Amy and her daughter Mary Kathryn were presented with stuffed Moose's made by Harriet Mohr.  Refreshments were served after the meeting.  Click on photo for larger image.

Happy Autumn Coworkers,

Hopefully we are all fully engaged in our retention week plans and are preparing to “Raise the Roof” with our well planned out events! I can’t wait to hear of all of the great ideas, and how they worked out for you.  I extend my sincere thanks to all of the coworkers and brothers in lodges and chapters all over the US and Canada who have assisted with Retention Week efforts to help make this a successful effort for our great Moose Fraternity!

Be sure to celebrate your new collegians at the College of Regents Chapter Activity Night, in November.  If you have a collegian eligible to have her tassel changed, and/or a collegian receiving her Red Stole, plan an open meeting so that members of the Loyal Order of Moose, qualified guests, and perspective members can be invited.  Perhaps one of the honored collegians would like to address the guests on the College of Regents Degree.  Make it a fun night for all in attendance.

Remember the Holiday Lights 5K Run/Walk at Mooseheart on November 19th. My husband, Jim, and I will be there walking, and encourage you to sign up to donate on the Moose Charities website.  My team name is the Grand Regents Runners…even though I am sad to say there won’t be too much running involved for us.  You can sign up on my team, and participate as a virtual runner or walker.  Get your friends and family to sponsor you and help us raise funds for Mooseheart.  We look forward to seeing some of you there!

And then there is Thanksgiving….this year let us be mindful of those in our communities that are less fortunate or who have lost all that they have to flooding, fires, and other devastating events beyond their control.  Be generous as our lodges, chapters, and communities collect canned goods and other food items for local food pantries, and soup kitchens…remembering as the winter months close in, the need is greater.  Reach out to shelters and churches who may benefit from a blanket or coat drive in the next few weeks, and when you are making these donations, don’t forget hats and mittens are also in great need at this time of year, and very appreciated on a cold winter day/night.  This is the perfect time to remember our “Acts of Kindness” with cold weather settling in and the holiday season fast upon us.

This year as I look back on the things I am most grateful for, I give thanks for each of you, and all of the many friendships we have made on our travels.  I give thanks for all we do in our chapters and our lodges to make a difference in the lives of our children at Mooseheart and our senior members at Moosehaven, and for having the opportunity to serve those in need in our communities.

You will all be in our prayers of thanks, as we sit down to enjoy a traditional family Thanksgiving dinner. I can almost smell the turkey baking in the oven, and all of the many aromas that will fill my kitchen, but the best part of the whole day will be sharing it with family and friends, and having the wonderful memories of all of you tucked away in a very special place in my heart!

Remember there is no such thing as a small act of kindness.  Every act of kindness creates a ripple with no logical end!

Be kind, ALWAYS! Hugs,

Judy Davis, Grand Regent

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